Madhu C.Reddy, Ph.D.

I have worked with a number of great graduate and undergraduate students. If you are interested in working with me, please send me an e-mail.


PHD Students

  1.  Tamara Peyton (ABD - Thesis: Pregnancy as A Sociotechnical Transition Process) (Co-Chair with Dr. Erika Poole)

2.    Elizabeth Eikey (expected graduation: 2017) (Co-Chair with Dr. Erika Poole)

3. Allison Murphy (Graduate: 2015. Thesis: The Identification and Management of Patient Information Problems by Collaborative Patient-Care Teams) (Current Position: Lecturer, Penn State)

4.    Nathan McNeese (Graduated: 2014 – Thesis: The Role of Team Cognition in Collaborative Information Seeking During Team Decision-Making) (Current Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher Arizona State University)

5.     Patricia Spence (Graduated: 2013, Thesis: Interconnectedness and Contingencies: A Study of Context in Collaborative Information Seeking) (Current Position: IT Strategy, Prudential Retirement)

6.     Sharoda Paul (Graduated: 2010. Thesis: Understanding Together: Sensemaking in Collaborative Information Seeking) (Current Position: Collaboration Researcher, GE Global Research)

7.     Joanna Abraham (Graduated: 2010. Thesis:Meta-Coordination Activities:  Exploring Articulation Work in Hospitals) (Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago, Biomedical and Health Information Sciences)

8.     Shizhuo Zhu (Graduated: 2010, Thesis: Hypothesis-Driven Story Building: Counteracting Human Cognitive Biases to Improve Medical Diagnosis Support) (Co-Chair with Dr. John Yen)  (Current Position: Software Engineer, AT&T Labs)


1. Sarah Almoaiqel (Graduated: 2015. Thesis: A Study of the Challenges to Information and Communication Technologies in Girls' Schools in Saudi Arabia)

2. Nick Johnson (Graduated: 2014. Thesis: A Survey of Rural Hospitals’ Perspectives on Health Information Technology Outsourcing) 

3.   Arvind Karunakaran (Graduated: 2011. Thesis: Barriers to Collaborative Information Seeking in Organizations)

4. Dheepak Ramaswamy (Graduated: 2010. Thesis: Development & Evaluation of a Web 2.0 Application for Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention) (co-chair with Dr. Jim Jansen)

5. Yusuf Raza (Graduated: 2009. Thesis: The Effect of Team Experience on Collaborative Information Seeking Behavior of Students)

6. Mary Kelly (Graduated: 2007. Thesis: IT Outsourcing in Rural Communities: A Case Study of Hospital-to-Hospital Partnerships)

7. Patricia Spence (Graduated: 2005. Thesis: Collaborative Information Seeking: A Study of A Patient Care Team in the Emergency Department)

8.  John Brown (Graduated: 2005. Thesis: Mental Models in Airborne Landmine Detection )

9. Rashmi Krishnappa (Graduated: 2005. Thesis: Multi-User Search Engine (MUSE): Supporting Collaborative Information Seeking and Retrieval)


1.      Lauren Weiland (BUS/IST, Spring, 2014)

2.      Bryan Steitz (IST, NSF CPP REU, Spring, 2013; NNN/LM Assessment Project, 2014)

3.      Evan Friedenberg (IST, NSF CAREER REU, Spring, 2013, Spring 2014)

4.      Kelly Acree (IST, NSF CAREER REU, Fall 2011; HHP Project Spring, 2012)

5.      Kelsey Bailey (IST, HHP Project, Fall 2010)

6.      Ben Ringel (IST, NSF CAREER REU, Fall, 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011)

7.      Michael Cwenar (IST, NSF CAREER REU, Summer, Fall 2010)

8.      Justin DeAcosta (IST, R-CAST-MED, Summer, Fall 2010)

9.      Kevin Zhang (IST, NSF SGER REU, FS’08)

10.  Ryan Richards (IST, AchieveTogether Project, Summer 2008)

11.  Michael DeLorenza (IST, NSF SGER REU, Summer 2008)

12.  Justin Brown (IST, AchieveTogether Project, FS’07, SS’08)

13.  Matt Prindible (IST SURF, R-CAST-MED SS’06, FS’07)

14.  John Warmbrodt (NSF: Innovation Information Infrastructure WS’05)

15.  Charlene Baker (NSF: Innovation Information Infrastructure SS’04, FS’04)

16.  Matt Bleckman (NSF: Innovation Information Infrastructure WS’04)

Schreyer’s Honors’ College Thesis Advisor

1.      Stephanie Beale (Graduated: Spring 2014. Thesis: Should the Exergaming Industry Target Adults? An Exploratory Survey)

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